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To Join Rescue Railroad:

Use this map to determine what region your state is in and click on your region to join. This subscription is free. Once you are subscribed, monitor the list daily for updates concerning immediate needs in your area.

If You Are A Relief Organization Or An Evacuee That Needs Assistance With Transportation:

Send an email to homesforkatrina@yahoogroups.com immediately with information how you can be contacted, specifically an email address and phone number if available. Any additional information you can provide, such as the number of persons to be transported, their current location, destination, special needs, etc. would be helpful. A member of our administrative staff will contact you for further information.

We would also like organizations to Register your organization with Homes for Katrina and Rescue Railroad to become part of the Network Of Trust. After verification, we will get your organization's information to anyone placed in your community to whom you can offer the broader support that these families will need as well as a contact point to assist in transportation efforts.

More about Katrinia Rescue Railroad:

Goal: Our name alludes to undertaking a task that is familiar to us in a historical sense but is distinguished by the present. There are tens of thousands of evacuees being “housed” in various types of shelters across the continent. Families face the enormous tasks of finding each other, finding a new place to start “normal” life again, be it temporary or permanent, and finding transportation across the continent for these purposes, with only limited cash and other resources to accomplish it. Those of us who have not been devastated by Katrina yearn to help them any way we can. Rescue Railroad is one more way of doing just that. By joining together to provide safe transportation for evacuees, individuals can help speed the process of reconnecting families and moving these families and individuals across the continent as needed.

Who we are: By using a variety of communication methods and transportation practices modeled after present day animal rescue “railroads”, our organized volunteer drivers will provide safe transportation for evacuees within a region, or across the continent. Homes for Katrina and the Rescue Railroad are registered with the National Emergency Resource Registry at www.SWERN.gov and various other charity, State and Federal disaster relief coordination agencies.

What we do: All volunteers subscribe to and monitor daily regional Yahoo group lists. Besides Route Coordinators and volunteer drivers, Rescue Railroad needs people to assist with a variety of other administrative activities, ranging from distributing information to arranging additional support for long distance trips.

Before assignment to planned trips, volunteers will be requested to exchange sufficient information with Rescue Railroad coordinators to efficiently coordinate the trip and to complete a criminal background check (donated by Intelius! Thank you to Intelius) to insure people are not placed in dangerous situations. Rescue Railroad does not make the personal information of evacuees and volunteers available to the general public. Only sufficient information to be able to complete the transportation is exchanged between participants (generally names, email addresses, and contact phone numbers). View our Privacy Policy.

Rescue Railroad will make use of other means of transportation (bus, air, train) as it becomes available, especially when our concern is for a person who may not be able to travel by automobile.

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