Homes for Katrina - Roles and Responsibilities


The Person Offering room in their home to those in need will be responsible for:

        agreeing to background check and waiver

        entering information about their offering into system

        agreeing to placement of survivor(s)

        participating in monitoring, if agreed to by both parties, by network of trust group

        helping the survivor placed get in contact with local relief organizations to get any financial, medical or emotional support they may need.


The Person in Need of a home (survivor) will be responsible for:

        registering with FEMA and/or Red Cross

        contacting relief organization or group working alongside a relief organization

        agreeing to background check and waiver

        providing information to volunteer

        agreeing to placement with person offering home

        participating in monitoring, if agreed to by both parties, by network of trust group


The Relief Organization Volunteer will be responsible for:


        verifying the survivor(s) is a victim of Katrina in need of a home (fema case #, zipcode in affected area)

        ensuring that the survivor(s) are registered with FEMA, if not go to and assisting them in registering

        entering information for survivor into system and performing or requesting background check

        reviewing search results that meet needs with survivor(s) and assist in selection of offering

        getting contact information for offering selected and contacting person offering to collect information for background check

        confirming background checks on both parties are cleared

        contacting person offering home with survivor and facilitating discussion to ensure a good match is made for both parties (see guidelines)

        confirming agreement by both parties and have both parties sign release forms

        verifying releases signed and marking offering and need as filled in system

        assisting in arranging transportation (try airlines first (continental offering free flights), then Greyhound, then refugee railroad or

        providing a list of state and local resources in the area placed to the survivor (including job resources workforce, manpower, etc.)

       contacting local Red Cross, United Way and/or Salvation Army in area placed to ensure they get the financial, medical and/or emotional support they may need.

       contacting network of trust group in area, if desired by survivor (see listing)

       ensure that placement is tracked in appropriate system and the privacy of the survivor is protected


The Background Check Organization will be responsible for:

        receiving information on those offering and survivors

        running background checks on those offering* and survivors**

        entering verification status on each person checked into system

*check on those offering is for references and for criminal/sexual offender

**check on those in need is for criminal/sexual offender records, fema case number, zipcode in affected areas


The Network of Trust Group in area of home offered will be responsible for:

        receiving information on placements in their area

        assisting with placement as able (transportation, move in, food, other necessities)

        monitoring placement if agreed to by both parties